Development History


Entrepreneurial Difficulties, Endangered

Founded in 1966, the company is a small workshop-style enterprise mainly engaged in mold manufacturing and machining, Foshan Mould Factory. In 1976, according to the national plan, the oil pump nozzle for the agricultural diesel engine was produced and renamed as Foshan Oil Pump Nozzle Factory. The company’s policy losses for several consecutive years are on the verge of bankruptcy.

Boldly explore, the sky is changing

In 1982, in the early days of the country's open reform, the company developed a new product for the rice cooker, the flashing thermostat, and began to obtain certain economic benefits. The company was renamed Foshan Electric Heating Device Factory in the same year. In 1985, the company introduced Japan's advanced production technology and key equipment for the first time, producing pressure-type thermostats for air conditioners and refrigerators, and gradually achieved stable economic benefits. The company was renamed Foshan Thermostat Factory from 1985.



Reform and innovation, steady development

On March 13, 993, it was the period of deepening economic reform in the country. The company was reorganized and established by Foshan Tongbao Co., Ltd. from the former Foshan Thermostat Factory. It was one of the earliest enterprises to implement joint-stock reform in Foshan City and the same industry; 1994 In the year, the company was converted into a Sino-foreign joint-stock company. Since then, we have been adhering to the management policy of “grasping products to promote the market, grasping management to promote quality, and grasping cost and creating efficiency”. We have taken the lead in passing the ISO9001 quality certification system and certification and ISO14001 environmental protection system certification and ISO10012 measurement system certification in 1999. Established Guangdong Engineering Research and Development Center in the year.

Committed to the city, the new chapter of the joint force

In 2004, when the state-owned enterprises withdrew from the competitive field, the company carried out equity and asset restructuring, and all state-owned shares and capital were withdrawn from the company. Through adjusting resources, adjusting enterprises, adjusting products, and adjusting personnel's measures, the company's foundation was improved and the company's profitability was improved. In the same year, it entered the field of precision materials and acquired Foshan Precision Electric Alloy Co., Ltd. In 2010, after experiencing the world financial storm, the company established Foshan Tongbao Huatong Controller Co., Ltd., Foshan Tongbao Huasheng Electric Heating Controller Co., Ltd.; and invested in Foshan Tongbao Huaxing Controller Co., Ltd. A large holding company of a number of investment companies.



Scientific development, planning for the future

After fourty-five years of hard work, Foshan Tongbao Co., Ltd. has grown from scratch, from small to large, and has undergone several changes, and finally achieved the "Chinese thermostat kingdom." In the future, the company will still be based on the field of household appliances controllers, and at the same time develop high-tech precision materials, adhere to the road of combining specialization and scale, take science and technology as the guide, people-oriented principle, scientific management, pursue excellence, and continue to develop steadily. And gradually realize from "China famous brand products", "China famous trademarks" to internationally renowned brands, internationally renowned enterprises.