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KP series General purpose thermostats (With SPST switch)

  • KP series General purpose thermostats (With SPST switch)
KP series General purpose thermostats (With SPST switch)
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    This series can be used as temperature controlling elements in household refrigeration appliances such as refrigerators,freezers,showcases,water dispensors,etc. they have forced OFF and Forced ON positions. Their operating temperatures are smoothly adjusted. They have high control accuracy and high relability.


Available temperature range:-40~+40℃Adjustable temperature range: Max.25℃

Note:Manufactured on customer requests
Certifications:CQC,VDE,ULSignal ON-ON differential:5~35℃



Installation and use instructions:
1. Grounding method: Connected to the grounding metal parts of the equipment through the metal casing of the thermostat.
2. The thermostat shall be operated in a general indoor environment where the relative humidity of the air is not more than 90%, no corrosive gas, no flammable gas and conductive dust.
3. When the temperature controller is in contact with the temperature, the cover should be placed close to the heat-generating part of the controlled appliance, and the thermal surface of the cover should be coated with thermal grease or other similar heat-conducting medium.
4. When the temperature controller is exposed to liquid or steam, it is recommended to use a stainless steel cover and a reliable leak-proof measure to prevent liquid from seeping into the insulation of the thermostat.
5. It is not possible to collapse or deform the top of the cover to avoid changes in operating temperature or other properties.
6. Do not allow liquid to penetrate inside the thermostat! The housing must be protected from excessive forces to prevent cracking; the housing should be kept clean to prevent contamination of conductive materials to prevent short-circuit breakdown due to reduced insulation.
7. The terminal cannot be bent during use, otherwise the reliability of the electrical connection will be affected.