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FSTB Dishwasher thermostat
Author: TongBao

Nowadays, dishwashers are deeply loved by young people. They are installed in the kitchen to clean and sterilize tableware, freeing people's hands. The requirements for use safety are also increasing.

In order to achieve a better dishwashing effect in the existing dishwasher, the cleaning water is generally heated by a heating pipe, and the heated water enters the spray arm through a water pump to spray water for cleaning. The surface temperature of the electric heating tube will rise rapidly until it is damaged. When the electric heating tube is dry-fired, it will rupture and cause a short circuit. During this period, there may be dangers such as leakage, fire, and explosion. Therefore, a temperature control switch must be installed in the dishwasher, and a temperature control switch should be placed in the heating system for temperature monitoring. The heating component includes a heating element and at least one temperature control switch, and the temperature control switch and the heating element are connected in series.

The principle of the dishwasher temperature control switch is: when the temperature of the heating tube is too high, the temperature control switch will be triggered, the power supply will be disconnected, and the dishwasher will stop running. Until the normal temperature is restored, the thermostat switch is closed, and the dishwasher works normally. The temperature control switch can effectively prevent the problem of anti-dry burning of the electric heating tube of the dishwasher and protect the safety of the circuit. Generally, dishwashers choose a temperature control switch within 150 degrees.

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