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Big current thermostat solutions for manufacturer
Are you still worry about looking for big current thermostat ? Don’t worry , we are pay attention to supply the solutions.

Introduction of Big current thermostat

Big current thermostat is a thermal protector, its action depends on the core component, the bimetal disc will instant snap when it reaches certain temperature.
Please refer to the following the product structure diagram and physical map:

Structure diagram and physical map of KSD302 thermostat :
KSD302 snap-action thermostat is a kind of hermetically sealed bimetal thermal protector (7/8" disc); It is single-pole and single-throw structure and works under resistive load.

Structure diagram and physical map of KSD306 thermostat :
KSD306 is double-pole structure falls in the category of manual reset type thermal protector. It is used in high-duty electric water heater for overheating protector..


*Loading capacity design of KSD thermostat.
Our product can support big current loading, different types have different loading capacity, you could cut the cost according to your appliance.
*Temperature settings of KSD thermostat.
According to the temperature of your household appliances, you could set the temperature of snap-action.

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